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Saturday April 14, 2017: Big, Bad Alkaloids – Our Strongest Medicine

Always respected and often feared, the alkaloids are among the most pharmacologically active plant constituents. Many poisonous or hallucinogenic herbs are rich in active alkaloids, e.g. Atropa, Aconitum, Gelsemium. They are powerful, very effective medicines and also sometimes scary to use. These herbs are the “effectors” in a formula, targeted to specific actions and outcomes. They require carefully calibrated dosing schedules and understanding of side effects, contraindications and drug interactions. Through a deep discussion of the pharmacology, dosing and toxicology, ritual uses and ethnobotanical uses, we will learn how to use strong herbs respectfully, safely and effectively.


Sunday April 15, 2017: Natural Strategies for Managing Pain

There are many possible causes or contributors to pain and until they are identified and addressed and hopefully resolved. Analgesic agents, while they may be effective in the short  term, are not addressing the root cause in any way. Knowing what kind of pain you are treating will determine what herbal strategy will work best. This is a practical and informative class, using examples and applications drawn from 30 years of clinical practice. It is geared towards practitioners and advanced students and is intended to give you tools for your clinical practice.


Monday April 16, 2017: Formulation and Case Studies

A full day of formulation and case studies with Chanchal Cabrera, clinical herbalist. We will review the cases sent in advance and create specific formulations for each case. 

Monday case studies will take place at Collège André Grasset : 1001, Boulevard Crémazie Est, Montreal, QC H2M 1M3



Meals are available for purchase Saturday and Sunday, 16 $ a day



  • Farmers soup with lentils, root vegetables and nettles from Quebec

Dips and spreads

  • Veggie paté
  • Kalamata olive tapenade with organic garlic and capers
  • Green hummus with fresh herbs and balsam fir
  • Veggie butter with cashew nuts and yeast


  • Beet salad, apples, walnuts and sunflower sprouts
  • Basmati rice salad, edamame, root vegetables, coriander and Madras curry
  • Salad of brown lentils, asparagus, sweet potatoes and cauliflower braised with turmeric root


  • Vegan Brownies with Hazelnuts, Lavender and Calendula / Walnut Flower, Chili Pepper cayenne and rose petals
  • Mini cakes with kale, Saskatoon berries, sea buckthorn and roasted walnuts with maple syrup

Hot beverage

  • Chaga Chaï with homemade almond milk



Formation Continue 2018

  • April 14 - 16, 2018
  • 6400 16e Avenue
    Montréal, Quebec
    H1X 2S9